11110The hummingbirds are becoming quite ruthless in the defending of territories that my feeders are in. This is normal, especially for this time of year when they’re fattening up for the migration back to Costa Rica. At dusk, it’s quite common to see four or five fighting over the same feeder. Most hummingbirds choose a small leafless branch in a tree near one of the feeders to guard it from other birds. The newcomer swoops up for a drink and the watcher plumets out of his or her hiding place and chases the new one away. Well, I have one little boy who likes to sit ON the feeder instead. He doesn’t always use the feeder to drink from, just sits there. He preened on it this morning, just parking there to claim it as his own. This isn’t common and I wonder why he’s doing it.
Hummingbirds: My Tiny Treasures
In other hummingbord news, I picked up this book at a new discount bookstore yesterday. It’s three books rolled into one, all three about a woman in New York state who saves hummingbirds from the cold winters there by keeping them in her sunroom. I keep thinking about how cool it would be to go visit her when she has a resident. John says I want one in my house, but I assure him that I don’t. It would be neat to watch, but hell to take care of. Then there’s the little fact that I don’t even have a sunroom.