I’m sorry I haven’t been updating! Jared got married and then my world went to hell. 🙂 No, not really. just got really busy. I have three Early Childhood Education classes this quarter. Each ECE class requires us to turn in a resource file pertaining to the class. In my music class it was a binder full of children’s songs, organized by topic. In my art class it was a binder full of examples of different types of children’s art. This time, I have:

Notebook of Policies and Procedures: What to do if _____ happens and how to run a day care. I have to have everything imaginable in this thing. Fire drills, bomb drills, what to do with burns, how to wash food.. etc.
Exceptionalities Resources: Where to look for help for special needs kids, what the laws are concerning kids with disabilities, what types of disabilities there are, .. etc. 20 Resources needed, only 10 can be web sites.
Social Issues and Families: Resources on topics concerning families. HIV/AIDS, Divorce, Teacher Burnout, Violence, Racism, Special Needs Kids, Poverty.. etc. 10 topics, 4 resources per topic, no limit on web pages though

I just turned in one of them Thursday. ::sigh:: I have all three of my finals next Friday. Wheee. I could just crap myself with glee. I’m going back to work for Steve at the UPS Store for Christmas. I start my 8 hour days on the 13th, running through the end of December and perhaps into January. I have to do presents shopping in there somewhere too.