Well, Meggie was here for a night and most of the day today, but is gone again. She’ll be back through town on the 10th, but for now, I’m Meggie-less again. She comes complete with her very own Brittish man, whose name is Tim. Last night we made Steak-ums for Tim and Meggie, then we all sat around watching election coverage and MXC. They were jet-lagged from hell, so we all stayed up until Midnight to get them on US sleep schedules. Meggie came bearing gifts too! She gave me a set of uber-nice earrings, a pair of too-shot jeans, a slinky sexy see-though nightie, and the most beautiful corset-shirt I’ve ever seen. I’ll take pictures sometime, but it’s stunning. It’s white, strapless, and embroidered with silver thread and beads. I love it! I felt bad though because she had all these presents for me and I didn’t get her a damn thing. 🙁 Anyway, we went shopping today. She needed stuff for Jared’s wedding and Tim needed Jeans and shoes. I am now reminded why I hate shopping with her. It’s because she can pick up anything on the rack and have it fit or nearly fit her, whereas I have to go looking for tall or long pants. She also looks cute in anything she puts on, whereas I get to look quite stupid and frumpy next to her. The entire trip I was comparing my lanky-and-dorky-ness to her hot-and-sexy-ness and wishing I could look even half as un-dorky as her. It was just like old times, her looking great in everything she put on, and me looking like an idiot standing next to her. I’m sure Tim was thinking to himself “Jeez, I’ve got the hot one in the family…” I dunno though, maybe Tim is too Brittish to think stuff like that. It was surprising, but I didn’t have the urge to repeat everything he said in the english accent. I thought I would, like the Croc hunter. You just want to say “Crikey!” every time he does. So, I spent the day feeling like a dork while Tim and Megan tried on everything and looked good in everything. Tim is a nice guy though, even if he makes me look like a dork too. He’s taller and more muscular than I expected. He’s also very smart and well-educated. Same sense of humor as most of my friends have (which is a big fat ‘duh’ since he’s dating Meggie). He’s got wonderful goals and ambitions, and he’s stuck on her. It’s nice to see her with someone really nice, and nice for her. She can sometimes be a stubborn wench, but he loves her for it (he says). He does have a distressing tendency to talk during TV or movies about other things, but that’s easily solved by slapping the shit out of him. 🙂 Overall, I think I really like Tim, and I feel at ease with him. He’s an easy guy to like.