Incidents and accidents

It's a street in a strange world.


2014: Switch back to Canon, Move studio AGAIN, John gets a job on a farm, Travel to Idaho and Seattle for fairy shoots, Interloper dies.

2013: Honeymoon at DisneyWorld, Dad’s 10th anniversary in Ohio,  Moved the studio again, John’s mom moves to Mississippi, Frankie leaves for Texas, John’s dad remarries

2012: Skydiving for the first time, Published in Professional Photographer Magazine, Interloper adopts us, John and I married.

2011: Stylized Portraiture moves to a new studio.

2010: John graduates college. John and I get engaged.

2009: Megan gets married. I am published at Canon. Have issues with Canon focus, switch to Nikon.

2008: Meredith killed. Jared remarries. Captured Light merges with Stylized Portraiture. Jared II born. Stylized Portraiture moves to new studio.

2007: Buy PT Cruiser. Mom remarries. Buy first Mac.

2006: Arizona trip to see hummingbirds. Quit Cornerstone PreK. Captured Light photography is founded. John earns black belt. Honda dies.

2005: Stumpy adopts us. John and I take a trip to San Diego. Baby Benjamin born to Christine. Job at Cornerstone PreK. First ever hummingbird festival. Sell Pixietale collection to purchase first ever DSLR.

2004: Granddad dies. Trip to Pittsburgh. Meet Christine, Bruce and Trinny.

2003: is born. Megan moves to Scotland. Dad remarries. John and I take a trip to Florida.

2002: Road trip to Wisconsin. Parents get divorced. Begin collecting Pixietails. After many many mutual annoyances living with Megan, I move to my own place.

2001: Move out and to Athens, room with Megan. Begin dating John.

2000: Get introduced to some friends at a Ga Tech fraternity: PsiUpsilon. is born.

1999: Begin blogging. Start college at LaGrange, working on Fine Arts. Dad and mom buy me a Honda.

1998: Shipped out to Lackland AFB, Texas in January. Shipped back in March because of Epilepsy. Got my first job at Subway.

1997: Graduated high school 6 months late because I’d failed Algebra again. Join the USAF.

1996: Play first ever D&D game.

1995: Move to Peachtree City, GA. Begin playing around with HTML, wrote my first page. It’s topic: Sailor Moon.



1992: Dad get relocated to Georgia, taking the whole family with him.

1991: Moved from the Sandra Lee Lane house to a bigger one in town. Went to Catholic School for a year because my mother didn’t like the public school there.








1983: Moved to the Sandra Lee Lane house. I begin kindergarten in a plaid dress with matching purse and hairbows.

1982: Began building the new house on Sandra Lee Lane. Jared Born October 25th.

1981: Megan Born March 16th

1980: Moved to Ohio with mom and dad at 9 months old.

1979: Born August 2nd in Arlington, Texas.

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